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Desk with photo frame, Google Home and assorted decorative items.

Make the most of your Google products

Discover great smart home products compatible with Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Nest Hub and learn more about how these products can make your life easier, every day.

What are Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Nest Hub?

What is it?

Google Home is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant. It can play music through Spotify, keep track of your diary, control compatible smart products, and more – all through simple voice commands.

How does the Google Assistant work?

The Google Assistant is ready to help at any time. Just say ”OK, Google”, and ask a question or request a task – like “What’s the forecast today?”, or ”turn on the kitchen lights”. If you have an Android phone, then you've probably used the Google Assistant before.

Is it a smart hub?

It's important to know that even though Google Home can control smart products, it isn’t a smart hub.

Learn about the difference between a smart hub and a smart speaker/assistant.

Google home

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Smart lighting

Explore our range of smart lighting products and learn how easy it is to automate your lighting.
Living room with freestanding lamp.

Smart security

Discover smart locks, cameras and more to help you keep an eye on things, even when you’re away.
Security camera