Osmocote is one of Australia’s most trusted brand names in horticulture and home gardening. Osmocote granule technology works in harmony with nature to provide your plants with the correct amount of nutrients for a prolonged period of time.

The advanced soy coating of each granule allows nutrients to release when the environment is moist and warm, and keeps nutrients at bay when the weather is less conducive to plant growth. Once the granule is depleted of nutrients the soy based coating decomposes leaving behind nothing but beautiful plants. This way your plant is fed when it needs it and fertiliser runoff is kept to a minimum.

Osmocote is available in a wide range of specialty and multi purpose blends including Native, Veggie & Herb, Pots & Planters and Aquatic Plants. Check in stores for our specialty range of Osmocote Professional Potting Mixes and Plant Foods. Osmocote, the smart way of feeding plants.

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