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Masons™ 100mm x 20m 40 Below Flashing Tape

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I/N: 0281786

Masons™ 100mm x 20m 40 Below Flashing Tape

Masons™ 100mm x 20m 40 Below Flashing Tape

No reviews yet

I/N: 0281786


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  • Compatible with all building wraps
  • Works in temperatures from -40°C up to 65°C, no need for primer spray or heat guns
  • Extremely thin only 0.2mm, allows for easier fitting of windows and doors
  • Passes nail seal ability to ASTM D3330 and is suitable as a single layer application over timber frame.
  • An Optional Corner Guard is easy to install and increases protection to framing
40 Below™ Flashing Tape is a 0.2mm thick flashing tape to seal around windows, doors, and other joinery openings as a secondary defence against water penetration. Adhesion from -10°C.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 0.8kg


Model Name
40 Below Flashing Tape 100mm
Model Number
Hot Melt Adhesive
Adhesion level
Hot Melt Adhesive
UV Resistant Time
6 months
Minimum application temperature (°C)
UV Resistant (Yes/No)
Thickness (mm)
Maximum application temperature (°C)
Metres Per Roll

Guides & Documents


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Window Sill Installation
1. Corner Guard: Place the Masons™ Corner
Guard over the building wrap and into the
corners of the window or door sill, staple to the
jamb. With steel frames use double sided tape to
attach the Corner Guard to the metal.
2. A. Install sill tape flush with the interior face of the
opening. Apply along entire length of sill, continue up
each jamb with a minimum of 200mm
B. IMPORTANT: Press tape firmly into the corner over
the Corner Guard first, then fold around onto the frame
C. Fold remaining Hydro Tape against the inside and
outside of the fame/building. Smooth out all creases
and press firmly for good adhesion.
1. Corner Guard 2. Sill Guard
apply to entire
length of sill

Window Head Installation
Install Lintel pieces
on top corners of
opening, 200mm
along the lintel
and 200mm down
the jamb. Slit at
each corner & fold
onto outer face of
building wrap (at
least 50mm).
To create a seal at
corner junction,
Install butterflies
at 45° across the
corner of head/

Windows / Doors / Timber & Steel Frame Flashing
Masons™ Hydro Tape must be installed in accordance with these
instructions. Ensure the Hydro Tape completely covers the joinery opening.
The building wrap is installed as shown to the exterior face of the
framing. At window and door openings it is cut on a 45° angle away
from each corner, then the flaps are folded into the opening and
To ensure maximum adhesion, make sure the substrate surface is clean,
dry and free from any dust or other contaminants.
Hydro tape must not be stretched. When joining 2 sections of tape,
overlap by 100mm or more. NOTE: 150mm wide tape is used for
100mm wide window or door framing. 200mm wide tape is used for
140mm—150mm wide revels.

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