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Gardena AquaBloom Solar-Powered Irrigation Set

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I/N: 0192249

Gardena AquaBloom Solar-Powered Irrigation Set

Gardena AquaBloom Solar-Powered Irrigation Set

No reviews yet

I/N: 0192249


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  • Automatically waters up to 20 plants on your balcony, patio, terrace or deck.
  • Complete, ready-to-use set with all components included.
  • Easy installation in 5 simple steps, with no tools required.
  • Solar-powered and draws water from a bucket or tub - no power or tap connection needed.
  • Modern, sleek design that looks great in your outdoor living spaces.

AquaBloom is a complete, ready-to-use solar-powered micro-irrigation set designed to automatically water up to 20 plants in pots and boxes on balconies, terraces, decks and patios. All without the need for power or connection to a tap. Ideal for when you are away, on holiday or as a convenient, reliable watering system for your potted plants all year round when life is busy.

Thanks to the 14 different watering programs and the Micro-Drip-System, the plants will get the ideal amount of water at the right moment. The water penetrates at the exact point where the plant needs it: the roots. The high-quality micro-drip components ensure even water distribution, even with plants placed at different heights thanks to the pressure-equalising drippers.

The 3-in-1 main unit which acts as a power source, watering programme and pump can be flexibly placed on a wall, table, floor or pot to best catch the sunlight.

The set includes 1 x main unit with integrated solar panel and pump, 20 x 0.5 l/h pressure-equalising Inline Drip Heads, 15 x 3/16" Pipe Pegs, 3 x rechargeable AA Batteries (1.2 V) 2,400 mAh, 8 x 3/16” T-Pieces, 8 x 3/16” Plugs, 1 x Filter, 20m 3/16” Tube.

Made in Germany from UV stabilised material for durability.
With a 2-year warranty.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 1.208kg


Black and Grey
Model Name
Gardena AquaBloom Solar-powered Irrigation Set 13300-20
Model Number
Durable materials with inbuilt solar panels and pump unit

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Solar-powered, battery rechargeable unit requires no mains power connection.

Warranty & Returns

2-Year Warranty

We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy.


Easy to install in five simple steps, with no tools required.

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