How to save energy when lighting your home

Lighting is one of the biggest contributors to energy bills, but you can reduce these costs easily and at minimal cost. Find out which lighting is best for your home, the garden and those special occasions. 

table lamp Alice, Team Member

Quick Tip

“It’s more energy efficient to only light the area of the room that you need. This is called task lighting – table lamps and floor lamps are ideal for this.”

– Alice, Team Member
paint Morgan, Team Member

Quick Tip

“Paint walls and ceilings with lighter colours to ensure rooms are as light as possible and require less lighting.”

– Morgan, Team Member
Outdoor Lighting Mick, Team Member

Quick Tip

“To light up your driveway when it’s dark, place solar lights along the path and if you have lights in outdoor areas that aren’t frequently used, think about installing sensor lighting.”

– Mick, Team Member
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