How to paint a mountain wall mural

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Get adventurous by creating this fun mountain mural in your kids’ bedroom. It’s really easy to do and you won’t need to move mountains to add impact and interest to your space!

Tools and materials:

Bay's Water Dulux Wash&Wear 500ml Vivid White Low Sheen Paint

Damp washcloth

Drop sheet

Grey Pail Dulux Wash&Wear 500ml Vivid White Low Sheen Paint

Microfibre cloth

Panda Pod Dulux Wash&Wear 500ml Vivid White Low Sheen Paint

Paint brush and rollers

Paint tin opener

Painter’s tape

Painters tray


Straight edge

Tools and materials needed to paint a mountain wall mural

1. Prepare your walls

Before you start painting make sure you have a nice clean wall surface to work with – grab some sugar soap and warm water and scrub them down (feel free to use Selly’s Sugar Soap Wipes, but a word of warning: you may find you use too many).

2. Mark up your mountains

We used a level to mark out where we wanted to paint our mountains and worked out where we wanted our peaks to go first before ruling lines out with a pencil. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get it bang-on first time – a damp cloth will wipe away any mistakes.

Using a spirit level to draft placement of mountains on wall

3. Tape your lines

Once you’ve got your mountain range marked out, you’re ready to start taping up. Use painter’s tape to mark out where you’ll be painting, running the tape along the OUTSIDE of your pencil marks. Once it’s on, use a damp cloth to run over your tape – this will prevent any of the paint bleeding and help to stick down the tape.

Applying painter’s tape to wall prior to painting

4. Prepare your paint

Before you begin painting, get everything ready. First things first, pop that drop sheet down – you don’t want to get paint spilt on your carpets or floors – then pour out your paint colours into separate trays (give your tins a good shake first to make sure the colour is well mixed). We used different rollers and brushes for each colour.

Pouring paint into a painting tray

5. Start painting

Start painting your first colour with a brush – this way you can get up nice and close to your guide line. Don’t worry if you go over the tape slightly – once you remove it, you won’t be able to tell. When you’ve done your edges, use a roller to apply the rest of your colour – roll on in nice, even strokes and be careful not to overload your brush with too much colour.

Applying paint in taped areas with a painting brush

6. Add your snowcaps

Once you’ve applied all your paint – we did two coats for a nice, even finish – you’re ready for the finishing touches. Use a paintbrush to paint on your snowcaps. If you’ve got shaky hands you may want to tape this bit up, but we just used a freehand style.

Adding paint detail at top of mountain with a paint brush

7. Peel off your tape

Once your mural is complete, peel off your tape – and voila! The hills are alive with the sound of brilliance!

Removing painter’s tape

8. Don’t forget to involve the kids

Look at you! You’re a bona fide artist! If you have slightly older kids you may like to get them involved with this project – they’ll be able to admire their handiwork for years to come and it’s a lovely activity to do together.

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