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Add Colour to Your Garden

After a cold grey winter, spring is the perfect time to brighten up your garden. While flowers are one solution, there are plenty of other easy and inexpensive ways to add a splash of colour to your outdoors.

using-paint-in-the-garden_296x296 using-paint-in-the-garden_296x296

1. Paint

Painting a wall, a fence or shed in your garden, pergola or verandah is a simple way to inject some colour.

Depending on the look you want, warm colours will draw attention to parts of your garden, while cooler colours can be used to make areas less noticeable. But it’s important to plan first. Our Dulux Colour Wall can help you choose colours that will suit your yard.

You can also paint terracotta pots and give them a new lease of life. Then mix and match them with the other colours you already have in your garden.


2. Potted Colour

There’s an enormous range of colourful flowers you can choose from in almost any colour you can think of. Begonias, vincas, cyclamens, petunias and impatiens will thrive in spring and are bursting with beautiful, vibrant colour.

Fruit trees are another way to introduce some natural colour to your outdoor areas. Red apples, yellow lemons or even bright red chilli plants love spring weather.

Glazed pots come in a range of colours and styles and make your plants look their best.

If you’re using hanging baskets, work out if the plant will get a lot of sun or be mostly shaded and then choose the right kind of plant to suit.

garden-outdoor-lighting_296x296 garden-outdoor-lighting_296x296

3. Lighting

When you’re entertaining at night, outdoor lights let you highlight features and brighten up the backyard.

Solar powered lights that change colour are ideal along a path or in the garden. LED string lights and party lights can be run along verandahs and pergolas or wound around trees to light up the backyard.

pavers-pebbles-garden-decorating_296x296 pavers-pebbles-garden-decorating_296x296

4. Pavers and Pebbles

Bluestone and sandstone pavers are ideal for paths as well as for creating feature stonewalls. They’re hardwearing, easy to install and provide subtle, earthy colour that compliment any outdoor space.

Colourful pebbles can be used in pot plants, in the garden and along footpaths. They come in a variety of materials ranging from natural stone, crystal, polished pebbles and glass nuggets. There’s a range of colours to suit your decor, from white to blue, yellow, green, orange, lime and red.

adding-colour-with-outdoor-furniture_296x296 adding-colour-with-outdoor-furniture_296x296

5. Outdoor Furniture

Colourful cushions and shade umbrellas let you customise the look and add comfort to your outdoor furniture.

There's also a wide range of outdoor beanbags, sun lounges and swing seats that come in a range of colours to help you enjoy your outdoor area.

Outdoor Art Outdoor Art

6. Outdoor Art

Hanging plaques on a feature wall or putting statues amongst the foliage in your garden will provide colour and a touch of style. And for something stylish as well as practical, think about a wall clock.

step 7 playground image 120 x 120

7. Play Equipment

Children's play equipment comes in a range of bright colours for the front and backyard. You can choose from swings, slides, tunnels, cubby houses and sandpits that will keep the kids happy and active.

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