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How To Enjoy Your Outdoor Area In Winter

Even if the weather is cold, you can still enjoy your outdoor area just as much as your indoors. There are plenty of ways to keep it warm and protected so that you can let the good times roll on all through winter.

Backyard-shade-sail_296x296 Backyard-shade-sail_296x296


Before you even think about heating, you need to protect yourself from the elements. Covering your outdoor entertaining area with a permanent roof will shelter you from rain and wind.

Corrugated zinc steel roofs come in colours to suit any home. But you can also get translucent polycarbonate roofing in a range of colours, including clear, to let in more natural light.

You can also install a shade cloth or shade sail, which are easy to put up and relatively inexpensive.

Outdoor-heating-chimenea_296x296 Outdoor-heating-chimenea_296x296

Outdoor Heating

There are a number of ways to heat your outdoor area, from installing a slow combustion wood heater to building your own fireplace. 

If those options are too big, there are fire pits and chimeneas that come in a range of sizes and styles to suit, and they can be easily moved to wherever want them. 

Freestanding gas heaters come in a range of sizes – large enough to warm all of your outdoor area or small enough to put on your table. 

There’s also a huge selection of electric outdoor heaters to choose from – large and medium sized freestanding ones, while others can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

pizza-oven_296x296 pizza-oven_296x296

Heat and Eat

Cooking outside with a BBQ or pizza oven will warm up your outdoor area, plus your family and friends get to enjoy some of your delicious home cooking.

outdoor-bistro-blinds_296x296 outdoor-bistro-blinds_296x296

Keep the Heat In

Enclosing your outdoor area will keep more of the heat in. Bistro blinds are easy to install, and will keep the wind and rain out of your outdoor area. They come in clear PVC so you can enjoy the view over your backyard or in a range of colours to suit your décor.

Outdoorcandles296x296 Outdoorcandles296x296


Candles set the mood, adding atmosphere and warmth to an outdoor area. They come in a range of sizes, colours and scents. There are also candle lanterns, which make an attractive addition to any outdoor area.

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