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Great Ideas For Outdoor Privacy

There are some really simple things you can do outdoors to create a private garden retreat, and by doing it yourself you'll save a lot of money.

Screen with lattice

Lattice is an ideal way to add privacy without closing off your backyard too much. A simple lattice design is an inexpensive way to grow climbing roses or your favourite vine to create a natural green screen.

great-ideas-for-privacy-article-pots-SH2 great-ideas-for-privacy-article-pots-SH2

Arrange your pots

With so many varieties and sizes of pots available there's sure to be the perfect pot and plant combination to suit your area. As well as helping to enclose spaces and add privacy, you can move pots around easily to create a new look or open up spaces when you're entertaining.

great-ideas-for-privacy-article-raised-garden-SH3 great-ideas-for-privacy-article-raised-garden-SH3

Raise your beds

Raised garden beds are a quick and easy way to give you privacy. Your backyard will feel much more private by mounding up the soil to a height between 30 and 60 centimetres. It can give extra height to your trees and it puts medium sized plants at eye level.

great-ideas-for-privacy-article-layered-growing-SH4 great-ideas-for-privacy-article-layered-growing-SH4

Grow in layers

Growing a sheltered backyard can be about more than just blocking out your neighbours. By layering plants in your garden you can section off a space to create your own private hideaway.

great-ideas-for-privacy-article-tree-SH5 great-ideas-for-privacy-article-tree-SH5

Plant more trees

Fast-growing, deciduous shade trees are an easy way to add privacy. With some trees growing up to 20 metres, they'll easily block a neighbour's view into your backyard. Make sure you choose a tree that will fit your garden. Also, if you grow it over a deck or patio the branches will provide natural shade in summer.

great-ideas-for-privacy-article-hedge-SH56 great-ideas-for-privacy-article-hedge-SH56

Grow a hedge

Growing your hedge is easy if you choose a variety that suits your climate and will mature to the height and width you want. Planting a hedge can surround your garden with a wall of green. Lots of plants grow well as hedges - evergreen varieties give you year-round screens while others lose their leaves in winter but make up for it by producing attractive flowers.

great-ideas-for-privacy-article-vines-SH7 great-ideas-for-privacy-article-vines-SH7

Climbing vines

There are so many great ways you can use vines to give you extra privacy. You can train climbers to cover a fence, grow over a pergola or create a screen in any direction you want. And if you choose passionfruit or grape vines you'll have the added benefit of fresh fruit to enjoy.

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