How to build garage shelves

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How to build garage shelves

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Project Overview

To make the most of your garage space, it’s a good idea to install a bit of shelving. There are lots of different shelving options, but this no-bolt snap lock unit is one of the easiest to put together. All you need is a rubber mallet, a stable and level surface, and about half an hour of your time. Continue to step-by-step instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1 Preparing to build shelves
2 Build the frame
  • Step 1. Preparing to build shelves

    Make sure you’re working on a stable, level surface. Check that your work area has enough height clearance for the size of shelf that you’re planning to build. It’s also a good idea to measure the height and width of the area to make sure the shelf will fit.
  • Step 2. Build the frame

    Gently tap the horizontal bars into the holes in the legs with your mallet. Position the horizontal bars on each leg so that your shelves are level. Every shelf also has a middle support bar. Install that so the shelf doesn’t bow in the middle under heavy weight. Once the middle bar is in place, install the timber shelf boards and you’re done.

Tools and Materials


  • Rubber mallet


  • Shelving kit
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