Which fence is right for your home?

Whether it’s for privacy, keeping pets and kids safely inside (or outside if it’s a pool) or as a decorative feature, there’s a type of fence that can add safety, security and style to any home. They’re also a great D.I.Y. project so you can get the fence you’re after for less than you’d think.

Picket fence

A picket fence (pictured above) is the most decorative of fencing options. Used at the front, it can make a big impact on the street appeal of your home. You can build a picket fence and gate using pickets with a decorative design or go for a contemporary look by cutting up long lengths of timber to create a square finish.

aluminium fencing

Aluminium fence

Aluminium fences are a light, strong and economical option that suit most homes. It is sold in sections, which makes it quick to install. Best of all the powder coated aluminium is designed not to rust.
pool fence

Frameless Glass

For a more understated look a glass fence is the way to go. They’re perfect to surround a pool allowing for maximum safety and visibility without the physical look of a barrier breaking up your backyard. You can even install a frameless glass fence yourself, giving you optimum style for less.

paling promo

Paling Fence

Building a paling fence and gate is a good way to achieve safety and security with the natural look of timber. Using durable treated pine, you can paint or stain a paling fence to exactly match the style of your home and garden. Painting a fence black can be a great way to make any plants sitting in front of it really stand out.



You can separate different areas of your garden by installing a trellis fence. It has the advantage of defining an area without totally blocking it off as you can still see through the trellis. It’s also the perfect type of fence to grow climbing plants or vines over, giving you an attractive green screen.

Found your fence?

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