How To Choose A BBQ

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How To Choose Your BBQ

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Kiwis love a good BBQ and with the right choice you can make it BBQ season all year round. Whether you use it every night or save it just for special occasions, here are a few things to look out for when making your choice.

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Where do you want to BBQ?

Wherever you want to cook outdoors there’s a BBQ to match. From lightweight, portable BBQs for camping, to compact sizes for small courtyards, right up to a massive outdoor kitchen for your new deck.

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How many are you cooking for?

Whether it’s for family meals or the whole footy team, you can judge how many a BBQ can cater for by the number of burners. Starting small, two burner BBQs will easily cater for four people or you can get serious with up to six burners.

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What’s on the menu?

Sausages and steak are always a favourite, but you can now find BBQs designed for baking, roasting and smoking, with extra features like side burners and rotisseries. Or you could go for a pizza oven or spit roaster.

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Fuel to burn

There are a number of fuel options available when selecting a BBQ. Options include wood, electric, charcoal or gas. Wood and charcoal will give you a great smoky flavour but electric and gas-fuelled BBQs are quick and convenient to use.

What basic features should I look for?

There are two basic BBQ designs – the flat top grill, which cooks using direct heat, or the round kettle, which uses direct and indirect heat. Hooded BBQs are a great choice because they give you a mix of both.

Make sure your BBQ has these basic features:

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Solid construction - stainless steel or porcelain enamel surfaces
  • Grills that direct grease away from the burners to reduce flare-ups
  • Bench space for preparation
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Side burner or a rotisserie

Types of BBQs

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Flat Top

A great choice if you’re cooking for big numbers. Flat tops have a large cooking surface, are easy to move around and fit almost anywhere.

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Round Kettles

Perfect for roasting, this compact design is one of the most popular charcoal fueled BBQs. The round shape circulates heat to cook the meat in its own juices for better flavour and tenderness.

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Hooded BBQ

You can BBQ however you like, using the grill and hotplate or as an outdoor oven. Great for roasting, baking, steaming or smoking, the hood traps in heat to give your food more flavour. You can get extras like a rotisserie, side burners, built-in thermometer, hood lights and glass windows to check your cooking.

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Outdoor Kitchens

The perfect BBQ for serious chefs, an outdoor kitchen will have you cooking outside every night. Made for the big occasion, they have everything you find in a kitchen with 6 burners, glass fronted hoods, marble benchtops, storage, sinks, side burners and rotisseries.

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Pizza Ovens

Fire up tasty homemade pizzas in your own backyard. There’s a pizza oven to suit most outdoor areas, and apart from pizza they’re great for barbecuing, roasting, grilling, smoking or baking bread.

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Spit Roaster

Cooking with a spit roaster gives your food a delicious slow roasted flavour. Fueled by wood or charcoal, some include a motor that can turn up to 20kgs at a time for more even cooking.

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Grill Plate

Most BBQs come with a grill, which is great for cooking steak, sausage, burgers or chicken wings. A grill cooks your food directly over the heat source, and can be square, round or oval shaped.

Please make sure you use all equipment appropriately and safely when following the advice in these D.I.Y. videos. You need to be familiar with how to use equipment safely and follow the instructions that came with the equipment. If you are unsure, you may feel it is safest to consult an expert, such as the manufacturer or an expert Bunnings Team Member.

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