How to change a BBQ gas bottle

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How to change a BBQ gas bottle

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Planning a barbie with some friends this weekend but run out of gas? Never fear! Changing over a gas bottle is WAY easier than it looks. Here’s how to do it.

Tools and materials

tools and materials needed to change a gas bottle

1. Check how much gas you’ve actually got left

Got enough gas to cook those snags on the BBQ? There are two ways to find out. The easiest is to weigh your gas cylinder– the weight of the bottle without any gas in it is listed on the outside. If you’re hovering down near that number (in most cases, 8.5kg) chances are you’re going to need to change it over.

If you don’t have any scales handy, do the hot water test. Just grab a jug of hot soapy water and pour it over the bottle. Run your hand down the canister until it feels cold, and that’s the level the gas is at. 

2. Unscrew the bottle

Before you do anything else, you’ll need to make sure your gas bottle is locked, and that no gas can escape. Turn the gas off by turning the cylinder valve hand wheel clockwise.

Next, you can unscrew the regulator (that’s the bit that connects to the bottle). Fun fact: this unscrews the opposite direction to a normal nut and bolt, so it’s ‘Lefty Tighty, Righty Loosey’ (we know - confusing, right?)

Once this is done, you’re good to unhook your bottle from the BBQ mounting hook/holder. And voila! You’re ready to change it over. 

using hand to twist the gas valve clockwise to off

3. Install new full gas bottle

It’s time to head out to swap your bottle over – go to your nearest Bunnings. When transporting back to your place, make sure you store the canister upright and that it’s secure in your car.

Once you’re home, make sure the gas is turned off and that you’ve removed any safety plugs or dust covers. Then screw the gas bottle regulator back on and tighten by hand.

screwing the regulator on to connect a new gas bottle

4. Give it a once-over

Safety first, people. It’s important to check your bottle doesn’t have any rips, tears or surface damage. If you’re not sure, a good way to check is to grab some soapy water and spray it onto the end that connects to the bottle – if there’s a leak, you’ll see bubbles appear. Give the end connected to the barbie a quick look over, too.

spraying the connecting hose with soapy water to determine leaks

5. Spark it up!

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to cook those snags.

Check out the range

Time for a new barbie? Or maybe some BBQ accessories or a fresh gas bottle? We’ve got what you need.


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