Master bedroom makeover with Geneva

This week it’s the Master Bedroom that’s getting a makeover, courtesy of D.I.Y. style queen, Geneva Vanderzeil. This savvy designer is all about showing people how to create a room that looks and feels expensive but isn’t - and she’s about to weave her magic on our bedroom blank canvas!

“I’ve got a one year-old, so I know how hard it is to find time. So all the projects I’m going to be doing are affordable, quick and easy,” she says. Geneva is planning to give our bland, beige bedroom a “coastal luxe” feel, adding different textures by using hessian, installing VJ wall panelling and adding some gorgeous sheer drapes. 

She’ll also modernise things by updating the wardrobe handles, refreshing window finishes and totally transforming the way the room feels by adding that panelled feature wall. Rounding out the look will be a gorgeous statement fan and some beautiful up-cycled furniture. She’s even hand making a bedhead - all with goods and materials purchased at Bunnings!

Geneva will have help from the Bunnings Team Members, who’ll show how to attempt the transformations at home, via easy-to-follow ‘How To’ videos. Enjoy this week’s transformation!


before and after

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