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The kitchen is often referred to as the hub of the home. If you have a long, narrow space, a galley kitchen is an ideal choice. We’ll show you how to design a modern galley kitchen that utilises space efficiently to create a kitchen with loads of storage and dining space.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Out with the old
2 Planning your galley kitchen design
3 Choose your colour scheme
4 Light up your kitchen in style
5 Your galley kitchen appliances
6 Add a personal touch
7 Our new galley kitchen
  • Step 1. Out with the old

    This original 1970s kitchen was dark, dingy and unattractive. By relocating it to a new location and changing the layout, we’ve created a light, airy space that is efficient yet attractive. And we did it on a small budget.

  • Step 2. Planning your galley kitchen design

    When it comes to creating a galley kitchen for your home, you first need to consider the location and shape of the space. Galley kitchen layouts make great use of vertical space and can fit into a surprisingly small and narrow area. 

    The layout of a galley kitchen is just as important as the size of it. You’ll need to determine what appliances you’ll need in your kitchen and where they’ll go. An added benefit of having your appliances and work spaces nearby is that you’ll have a compact working area when you’re preparing meals.  

    Once you have a plan, make sure that your budget covers benchtops, paint, appliances and cabinetry.
  • Step 3. Choose your colour scheme

    By using Kaboodle’s ‘paint your own doors’, you have the flexibility to choose a great colour to suit your style. When you have a rough idea of your colour scheme, head to the paint department at your local Bunnings. You’ll find handy colour swatches and look books that showcase what’s currently on trend.

    We chose Dulux Teal Tree which suits the neutral tones of the timber and marble laminate benchtop. The walls were painted in a pale grey with white accents to balance the look. You can use our paint colour planner for further inspiration.
  • Step 4. Light up your kitchen in style

    Choosing the right lighting is important when designing a new kitchen. A mixture of task, accent and ambient lighting will offer you the practicality that you need as well as a great look.

    Ambient lighting is used for the overall lighting of the kitchen. A good tip is to also consider eliminating as many shadows as possible. Task lighting is important when you are cooking so you can properly see what you are doing. This is generally located in the ceiling or underneath cabinets.

    Adding some accent lighting to your kitchen is like applying the finishing touches. A good idea can be to highlight shelving with decorative wall lights. Or for a more glamourous look, glass pendants can look great within a navy and gold themed kitchen.
  • Step 5. Your galley kitchen appliances

    The appliances that you choose for your galley kitchen will depend on your needs. For a busy family, two ovens and a large ceramic cooktop are an ideal choice. A gourmet cook may benefit from a large oven, two to three basins and a large pantry. Whereas busy entertainers may even want to consider space for a wine fridge. Whatever you choose, your local Bunnings can help you create the kitchen that’s right for you.

  • Step 6. Add a personal touch

    To give your galley kitchen a personal touch, take on a little bit of D.I.Y. for something special. We’ve created a pine serving tray board that’ll be perfect for when you entertain family and friends and has the added bonus that you’ve made it yourself. 
  • Step 7. Our new galley kitchen

    This galley kitchen features the latest appliances as well as an integrated dining space for entertaining in style. The pantry and fridge have also been placed next to the cooking space for convenience. It's the perfect place to cook and entertain.

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