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How To Organise Your Pantry

Make it easier to find what you need in your kitchen. These creative storage ideas and tips will help you organise your pantry and save you time and money.

Sort-out-a-system_296x296 Sort-out-a-system_296x296

Sort Out a System

There are 2 ways to categorise your pantry: by lifestyle (breakfast, school lunches, baking, dinners) or by food group (pasta, canned food, cereal, spreads.) Choose what’s going to work best for you and then designate a space for each, keeping the most-often used categories easiest to access. It's a good idea to makea section for all products that are close to expiry and plan meals to use them in this week.

Keep-out-pests_296x296 Keep-out-pests_296x296

Keep Out Pests

It's a good idea to keep rice, flour and pasta in airtight containers to keep them safe from weevil invasion. You can stack the containers on top of each other to create added storage space.

Make-mealtimes-easy_296x296 Make-mealtimes-easy_296x296

Make Mealtimes Easy

Create some pre-planned meals for those nights when you just want something quick and easy. Buy the ingredients, put them into individual containers, chuck in the recipe and label each one with the name of the meal. You can do this for all your weekly meals and save yourself time every night.

Slide-in-slide-out_296x296 Slide-in-slide-out_296x296

Slide-in, Slide-out

Kitchen accessories are great for storing heavy appliances (such as mixers, juicers and food processors). You can install a slide out basket under your pot and pan shelf to store saucepan lids. (They’re also are ideal for storing vegetables that don't need to be refrigerated, such as onions and potatoes.)

Filing-system_296x296 Filing-system_296x296

Create a Filing System

A great way to store your packets of herbs and spices is to file them alphabetically in a box. You can also utilise the space on the walls to hang a Spice Rack.

Dont-ignore-doors_296x296 Dont-ignore-doors_296x296

Don’t Ignore the Doors

Doors are great for added storage. It’s easy to add shelves, baskets or hooks with our D.I.Y. videos. For smaller pantries, you can attach whiteboard stickers and cork tiles to keep to-do lists and important information on.

Expand-your-pantry_296x296 Expand-your-pantry_296x296

Expand Your Pantry

Handy Storage Shelf Units are the simplest way to add another pantry to your kitchen and look great when fitted out with baskets.

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