How to paint laminate kitchen cabinets

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How to paint laminate kitchen cabinets

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Painting your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers is a great way to give your space an entirely new look. Not only that, by using Dulux’s great Renovation Range you’re also extending their life, making them more durable and chip-resistant. Best of all – these small changes won’t cost the earth.

Tools and materials

100mm Microfibre roller and tray


Dulux Plastic and Laminate Primer

Dulux Renovation Range (Cabinet doors)

Dust mask

Eye protection

Masking tape

Paint brushes

Plain cloth

Rubber gloves

Screwdriver or drill

Scrubbing brush

Selley’s sugar soap

Selleys sugar soap wipes

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer


1. Unscrew your cabinet drawers

This is the fun bit! Grab your screwdriver and get busy unscrewing all your doors, drawer fronts and their handles. Ah – so satisfying! You’ll want to be able to remember where everything goes when it comes time to put it all back together again, so grab a packet of stickers or tabs and write numbers on each door so you know where to re-fix them. Also – and this is important – remember to keep all the screws. They have a nasty habit of going missing – grab a mug from the kitchen and put each one in there for safekeeping. You can keep your hinges on if you’re repainting your cupboard doors.


2. Give everything a clean up

The best way to do this is by using a packet of Selley’s Sugar Soap wipes or you can use some sugar soap, a damp cloth and a bucket of warm water. Get right in there and get all the dirt and grime off (it’s amazing how quickly it accumulates, especially around stovetops). The surfaces need to be sparkling clean before we begin painting.


3. Tape the back of your drawers and cupboards

We’re not going to be painting the back, so tape up the underside of your cupboards and drawers for a crisp, clean look. Once this is done, grab a sanding block and give the front side a scrub – you want it roughed up a bit so the primer and paint stick well.


4. Prime your cabinets for painting

We’re using Dulux Renovator Range Plastic and Laminate Primer – it comes in a tin. Add one entire tube of the Laminate Primer (which comes with it, in the blue lid), and gave it a good stir for around two minutes. Once this is done, pour everything into a paint tray, and you’re ready for rolling. Remember to roll your primer in long, smooth strokes – you want a nice even distribution. Once you’ve finished this step, run an empty roller over the doors to give everything a nice, smooth finish – this is called ‘layering’. If your cupboards are wood, you can skip this step – they’re good to go already.


5. It’s time for your first coat of paint

Once the laminate primer has dried, you’re ready to put your first coat of paint on. The great thing about the Dulux Renovator Range is that you can choose any paint colour available. Want bright pink kitchen doors? You got it! But the grey colour we’re using is more to our taste. Apply your paint in the same way you applied your primer – long, clean, sweeping strokes. 


6. Apply your next coat of paint

Wait for your first coat of paint to dry – best give it a good eight hours to be on the safe side – then lightly sand again with a fine-grit sandpaper. Then you’re ready for that second coat! We only gave our drawers two coats, and this should suffice for yours too. Once the second coat is done, give it another eight hours, and you’re ready to rehang everything. 


7. Rehang your cupboards

You’ve done it! You’ve given your kitchen a whole new lease on life! Remove that tape, re-attach your handles and you’re ready to hang. Now sit back and admire your handiwork.


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