Project Overview

In this video, Bronte will show you how to make a tic tac toe game. It’s an easy project to make at home and is fun for everyone to play. Continue to step-by-step instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1 Making the board
2 Painting the board
3 Making the playing pieces
4 Revealing your colourful board
5 Finished Product
  • Step 1. Making the board

    The first step is to prepare your board for painting. Using painters masking tape, measure three finger widths from one end and place a piece of tape along the length of the board. Repeat this once more on the same side and then repeat on the other side to make a hash looking shape. There should be nine equal squares.
  • Step 2. Painting the board

    Now we’re going to paint our board. Choose two bright colours and paint the squares different colours. You can alternate the colours for a checker look. It’s ok to paint over the tape as we’ll remove this once the paint is dry.
  • Step 3. Making the playing pieces

    While we wait for the paint to dry we can make the playing pieces. We’re going to use flat stones for ours. Using a permanent marker, write a big ‘0’ on five of the stones and a big ‘X’ on the other five. You can also use anything else that you have around the house.
  • Step 4. Revealing your colourful board

    When the paint is dry it’s time to reveal your board. Peel off the pieces of tape one by one and you’ll see an awesome board to play on.
  • Step 5. Finished Product

    Now you’re ready to play! Grab your playing pieces and friends and it’s time for some weekend fun!
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