Project Overview

In this video, Kirstie shows you how to make a colourful kite. There’s nothing better than playing with one on a windy day with your friends and family.

Kite spindle template

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Preparing your kite
2 Marking the dots
3 Cutting out the kite
4 Decorating your kite
5 Making the frame
6 Assembling your kite
7 Adding the string
8 Making the tail
9 Making the spindle
  • Step 1. Preparing your kite

    The first step is to lay a large garbage bag out on your workspace so we can mark out some points.
  • Step 2. Marking the dots

    Once your kite is nice and flat, make a dot in the top left hand corner, dot one, then measure 100cm down the side of the bag and mark another dot, dot two. From dot one, measure 25cm down and 50cm across and mark another dot, dot three.

    Then all you need to do is join dots one, two and three to form a triangle. You can use our guide provided to help you make the dots.

  • Step 3. Cutting out the kite

    Now all you need to do is cut along the lines you joined the dots with and then unfold it to reveal your kite. You may need an adult to help you cut the kite out.
  • Step 4. Decorating your kite

    Now it’s time to decorate! You can paint, draw or stick things on your kite to decorate. We’ve used felt circles to decorate ours. Make sure you r decorations aren’t too heavy, otherwise your kite wont fly!
  • Step 5. Making the frame

    When you have finished decorating your kite you will need to make the frame. Using a saw, cut two pieces of small dowel to 100cm. 6-8mm dowel works best and you may need an adult to help you cut them.
  • Step 6. Assembling your kite

    Lay the kite out on the table with your decorations face down. Then, place your two pieces of dowel into a cross so the ends line up with the corners of your kite. Using some tape, stick the dowel down at each corner making sure the dowel is securely fastened to the kite. You can use more tape to make the join stronger if you need.
  • Step 7. Adding the string

    Make a small hole in your kite beneath the crossed dowel frame. Feed on end of your roll of string through the hole from the decorated side and tie it around the dowel to secure it.
  • Step 8. Making the tail

    Now it’s time to make the tail. Cut a piece of string about 2m long and tie small pieces of rubbish bag to the string about 20cm apart to make the tail. Once you have done this you will need to tape the tail to the kite at the end.
  • Step 9. Making the spindle

    The final step is to make a spindle. Using the template provided, cut out the spindle shape and trace it on to some cardboard. Once you have cut the cardboard out, wrap about 20-30m of string around it and you’re ready to fly!

    And there you go, a colourful kite to set sail with your friends on a windy day.

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