Project Overview

In this video, Kirstie shows you how to make an awesome drum. A great weekend or holiday project and the kids will love belting out a few tunes on it. Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Adding some colour to your drum
2 Decorating your drum
3 Making the drum skin
4 More decorations
5 Making the drumsticks
6 Assembling the drumsticks
  • Step 1. Adding some colour to your drum

    The first step is to get your favourite coloured tape and wind it round your drum. Make sure you cover up all the bucket so no white spots are showing.
  • Step 2. Decorating your drum

    Once you have done that, get another colour of tape and cut some strips about 25cm long and make a cool pattern around your drum. We’ve made a zig zag pattern on ours but you can make any pattern you like. 
  • Step 3. Making the drum skin

    Now comes the fun part! Using some scissors, cut the neck off a balloon and stretch the balloon over the open end of the bucket. You’ll have to use your muscles or you may need a parent to help you. Once you’ve gone the balloon on, put a piece of tape around the rim to secure the balloon.
  • Step 4. More decorations

    Now we can add some more decorations. We’re going to make some little triangles and stick them around the rim with rhinestones on them.
  • Step 5. Making the drumsticks

    While the glue is drying on your decorations it’s time to make the drumsticks. With the help of an adult, cut a piece of dowel to about 15cm.
  • Step 6. Assembling the drumsticks

    Using craft glue, stick the door stops onto the end of the sticks and allow to dry. When the glue is dry you can decorate the handles by using paint or coloured tape.

    And there you have it, and awesome drum to play along to your favourites. You can’t beat this drum for some fantastic holiday fun!

More D.I.Y. Advice

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