Project Overview

In this video, Bronte shows you how to make a jewelled photo frame for mum on mother’s day. This project is fun and mum will love putting her favourite memories in her new frame!

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Paint the frame
2 Paint the stencil
3 Glue the stencil
4 Decorate the frame
5 Add a photo
  • Step 1. Paint the frame

    First you will be painting your photo frame. You can choose any colours you like! Maybe try to incorporate mum’s favourite colour.

  • Step 2. Paint the stencil

    Take your craft stencil and paint it a different colour to your frame so that it stands out. Make sure you allow your frame and stencil to dry and add a second coat of paint if needed.
  • Step 3. Glue the stencil

    Using the PVA glue, glue your stencil to the frame.

  • Step 4. Decorate the frame

    It’s time to decorate the frame. Using the PVA glue, glue some rhinestones to the frame.

  • Step 5. Add a photo

    Now all you have to do is stick the stand on the back and add a nice photo for the frame and you’re done!
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