Project Overview

Time to get outside and kick a ball around! In this video Bronwyn shows you how to create your very own soccer goal that’s great to use in the backyard this summer and more to come. Continue to step-by-step instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1 Cutting the frame pipes
2 Connecting the base
3 Attaching the upright posts
4 Attaching the bracing pipes
5 Decorating your goal
6 Adding the net
  • Step 1. Cutting the frame pipes

    For the first step we’re going to cut all the lengths of pipe needed for the goal. Using a permanent marker and measuring tape, mark out the following measurements:

    2 x 77cm
    2 x 60cm
    4 x 45cm
    4 x 15cm

    Once you’ve marked these, use a saw to cut these out. Make sure you get an adult to help you cut the pipe.

  • Step 2. Connecting the base

    Now that we’ve cut our pieces out we’re going to connect them together by starting with the base.

    First grab two of the 45cm pieces and connect an elbow joint at each end of the pipes. Then, from one end, connect the following pieces: 15cm, T joint, 45cm, T joint, 15cm and then attach the other base 45cm and elbow joints. Now rotate the two open elbow joints so the face upwards.

  • Step 3. Attaching the upright posts

    Following on from the base of the goal, connect the two 60cm pieces to the elbow joints facing up and put another elbow joint on the top of each. Then from here, connect the same series of pieces as the base: 15cm, T joint, 45cm, T joint, 15cm and then attach it to the other side.
  • Step 4. Attaching the bracing pipes

    To strengthen your goal we’re going to attach two bracing pipes. Using the two 77cm pipes, connect these between the top and bottom T joints on each side of your goal. You may need to give them a twist to fit them.
  • Step 5. Decorating your goal

    You can decorate your goal anyway you like but we’re going to use green and gold tape for ours. Starting at the top of the upright posts, wrap one colour around your goal as you wind downwards. Once you get to the bottom you can do it with the other colour. Repeat this step for the other side and the crossbar.
  • Step 6. Adding the net

    Using your bird net drape it over your goal, making sure to cover all the sides. Get some scissors and trim off any edges that are too long. Now, using cable ties, tie them around the net and pipes to secure the net to the frame. You may need to do about 15-20 of these to make sure it is tight and doesn’t come off.

    And that’s the last step! Now you and your friends can play like the pros!

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