Project Overview

A great little gift idea for Dad to rest his cuppa on, these fun D.I.Y. pallet coasters are easy to make.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Cut the popsicle sticks
2 Lay out the pallet base
3 Glue down the supports
4 Glue down the pallet top
5 Paint your pallet
  • Step 1. Cut the popsicle sticks

    Get a grown-up to help you cut off the round edges of your popsicle sticks with some scissors. Make sure the ends are nice and square.
  • Step 2. Lay out the pallet base

    Now, lay your cut sticks across the bench and space them out evenly, roughly the length of a full popsicle.
  • Step 3. Glue down the supports

    Put on your safety gloves and paint some glue along the edge of each stick. Glue one stick across both ends and the middle of your pallet.
  • Step 4. Glue down the pallet top

    Paint some glue along the support edges, then lay the other sticks over the top to make your pallet. Wait for the glue to dry.
  • Step 5. Paint your pallet

    You can paint this any colour you like. We’ve mixed some brown craft paint with water to create a nice timber look.
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