Project Overview

A great D.I.Y. gift idea for Dad to keep his drinks cool this summer, these cooler tubes are simple and fun to make.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Cut the pipe
2 Sand the pipe and caps
3 Prime the surface
4 Paint the pipe
5 Secure the first cap
6 Pour in the water
7 Secure the second cap
  • Step 1. Cut the pipe

    Measure and mark the pipe into three equal lengths. Then secure the pipe in a mitre box and get a grown-up to help you saw the pipe into three.
  • Step 2. Sand the pipe and caps

    Give the pipe and end caps a light sanding with your block. You want to roughen the surface to get them ready for painting.
  • Step 3. Prime the surface

    Now put on your safety gloves and paint a generous amount of primer over the surface of your pipe and caps.
  • Step 4. Paint the pipe

    Give the pipes at least two coats of craft paint to give it the best finish. You can also add some decorations to make it a little more personal.
  • Step 5. Secure the first cap

    Once your paint has dried, place your first cap on one end.
  • Step 6. Pour in the water

    Now pour in some water until the pipe is ¾ full. It’s important to not fill it more than this because water expands when it freezes.
  • Step 7. Secure the second cap

    Now attach the other end cap and you’re ready to put it in the freezer overnight.
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