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In this video, Brodie shows you how to create a cool key holder for Dad. It looks great and is the perfect gift for him on Father’s Day to hang in his office or shed.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Preparation
2 Painting
3 Message to Dad
4 Creating the hanger
5 Attaching the hooks
  • Step 1. Preparation

    The first step is to cut your balsawood to the length you want. We’ve cut ours to 15cm. 

  • Step 2. Painting

    Now we need to paint the edges and front of your key holder. Pick a bright colour and paint around the edge of the wood, then once the sides are dry, paint the front. Use long strokes for an even finish.

  • Step 3. Message to Dad

    When the paint is dry, you can write a message to Dad or write DAD on the front of your key holder. Make sure you use a different colour than you painted the front so that it stands out. Dad’s favourite colour would be perfect!

  • Step 4. Creating the hanger

    When your message has dried, using some scissors, cut some twine and fold it in half to make a loop. You will need about 20-25cm. Turn the wood over and position the twine at the top edge. Open up the stapler and press down hard to release the staple. Do this for both sides of the twine. You might need a grown up to help you.

  • Step 5. Attaching the hooks

    On the front of the hanger, mark two spots around the middle of the wood, leaving a 5cm space between them both. Screw in the hooks on each of the marks. Make sure the hooks face upwards when they are screwed in. Now it’s ready to give to Dad!

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