How to create a tool caddy

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There’s nothing better than a homemade Father’s Day gift, so it’s time for some arts and crafts with the kids. With a few simple materials and paint, they can create a multi-use tool caddy, perfect for storing screwdrivers, small tools, stationery and more.

Tools and materials

Acrylic paint

Glass of water to wash your brushes

Reusable adhesive

Newspaper, plastic or drop sheet

Paint brushes

PVC couplings of different sizes

Sharpies/paint pens in various colours

tools and materials required to create a homemade tool caddy for fathers day

1. Choose your configuration

Prepare your workspace by laying down some newspaper, plastic or a drop sheet. After deciding how many couplings you’ll use, choose your configuration by placing the couplings next to each other.

laying out pvc pipes of different sizes

2. Paint the pipes

Now, it’s time to start painting! The design is completely up to you – maybe one coupling could have Dad’s favourite sport teams colours? You can paint both the inside and outside for some extra pops of colour.

Once you’ve painted all the couplings with one coat leave them to dry. Complete a second coat to make sure the colour is strong.

painting pvc pipes with orange paint

3. Decorate the pipes

Once the base layers are dry, use the sharpies or different-coloured acrylic paint to decorate your pipes. Every pipe doesn't have to be the same. One could feature a handprint, another could say ‘Number 1 Dad’.

drawing on painted pvc pipes

4. Assemble

Once you've finished decorating use the reusable adhesive to stick the pipes together. This means Dad can re-arrange them whichever way he likes. If you’d like to use something stronger, you can use glue. Make sure you leave time for the glue to set before wrapping it up for Dad.

sticking blutack on pvc pipes to stick pipes together

He’s got the caddy, now it's time to add the tools

Looking for some tools to add to Dad’s new caddy? We have a huge range of tools that any dad will love.

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