How to create a ball sports coaster

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How to create a ball sports coaster

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This Father’s Day, help the kids spoil a sports-loving Dad with a homemade gift of sports ball coasters. With a lick of paint and some fun designs, they can create a unique present that Dad can use time and time again.

Tools and Materials

Cork coaster 

Felt tip pen 

Kids acrylic paints 

Newspaper or drop sheet 

Water to wash your brushes

Craft materials laid out on a table.

Paint the base layer

Spread out your newspaper or dropsheet over the work surface to minimise mess. 

You’ll need some type of coasters for this project – we’re using cork (found in the garden section of Bunnings) but you could also use MDF. 

Using the acrylic paints, paint the coasters in matching colours – red for cricket, orange for basketball, green for tennis and so on. You can do four matching coasters, or four completely different ones!

Once you’ve done two–three coats of paint, leave to dry. 

Hand supporting coaster on a table as a paint brush is applying red paint to the coaster.

Add some detail

Once the paint is dry, start adding the detail of each ball with a felt-tip pen. Use a white pen for the cricket stitching and tennis ball lines, and a black marker for the basketball and soccer ball. You may need to go over the lines a few times to help them pop!

Leave to dry for a few hours, before wrapping up ready for Dad’s big day. 

Hand painted coasters sprawled out onto butchers paper. Hand is shown completing the finishing touches with a texter.

The gift that keeps giving

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