How to make a string bunny house

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How to make a string bunny house

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Project Overview

Here’s a fun way for your kids to store all their chocolate at Easter time. This String Bunny House is easy to make and a great little home for chocolate bunnies.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Blow up balloon
2 Spray balloon with adhesive
3 Wrap string around
4 Make glue
5 Apply glue
6 Pop the balloon
7 Make hole
8 Paint
9 Add glitter
10 Decorate
11 Fill it up
  • Step 1. Blow up balloon

    Take your balloon, blow it up and tie the end. 

  • Step 2. Spray balloon with adhesive

    Give the balloon a light spray with adhesive. Make sure you wear a dust mask.

  • Step 3. Wrap string around

    While the adhesive is wet, wrap some string around the balloon crossways until it’s well covered, then tie the end.

  • Step 4. Make glue

    Now, make your glue by mixing an even amount of flour and water together, until it’s a smooth paste.

  • Step 5. Apply glue

    Brush the glue over all of the string with a paintbrush and leave it to dry.

  • Step 6. Pop the balloon

    Take a pin and pop the balloon. Pull the leftover balloon out through any gaps.

  • Step 7. Make hole

    Mark a circle for the hole and cut it out with your scissors. 

  • Step 8. Paint

    Now, use your paintbrush to paint the string house any colour you like. 

  • Step 9. Add glitter

    While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter and leave to dry. 

  • Step 10. Decorate

    Stuff some colourful paper inside the string house and glue a bow on top.

  • Step 11. Fill it up

    Now, all you have to do is fill it up with all the chocolate you get from the Easter Bunny.

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