How to make a sock bunny rabbit

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How to make a sock bunny rabbit

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Project Overview

This cute little sock bunny is an easy to make Easter craft and a lot of fun too. You could give it to someone as a cool Easter gift or just keep it for yourself. 

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Fill your sock
2 Tie it off
3 Add more pebbles
4 Tie off the head
5 Make your bunny’s tummy
6 Add teeth and a nose
7 Add a bow
8 Add a tail
9 Cut the top of your sock in half
10 Hoppy Easter
  • Step 1. Fill your sock

    Start by filling your sock with small pebbles so it’s about a quarter full. This will be your bunny’s body.

  • Step 2. Tie it off

    Use a rubber band to tie off the body. 

  • Step 3. Add more pebbles

    Pour in some pebbles for the head. It should be smaller than the body and sit nicely on top of it. 

  • Step 4. Tie off the head

    Use another rubber band to tie off the head of your bunny.

  • Step 5. Make your bunny’s tummy

    Cut out an oval shape from your felt and stick it on the bottom half of your bunny with glue. This will be its tummy.

  • Step 6. Add teeth and a nose

    Cut a tiny square from your felt in half for your bunny’s teeth. And a small round nose as well. Attach with glue.

  • Step 7. Add a bow

    Cut a piece of your ribbon and tie it around your bunny’s neck. 

  • Step 8. Add a tail

    Stick on a pom pom for your bunny’s tail. 

  • Step 9. Cut the top of your sock in half

    You can make your bunny’s ears by cutting the top of the sock in half, then trimming both halves so they look right. 

  • Step 10. Hoppy Easter

    Now you can put your Easter Bunny somewhere special, or give it to someone special as a gift.  

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