Project Overview

In this video, Bronte will show you how to make a colourful hanging mobile. It’s a fun project to make and looks great hanging at home! Continue to step-by-step instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1 Making the hanging pieces
2 Decorating your hanging pieces
3 Making the hanger
4 Adding some string
  • Step 1. Making the hanging pieces

    For the first step we’re going to make the hanging pieces. Grab about 10 colourful pipe cleaners and cut them to different lengths. Using one of the lengths, twist the end of it around a washer and add another length with another washer. You can mix and match the colours to make it nice and bright! 
  • Step 2. Decorating your hanging pieces

    Now we’re going to decorate our hanging pieces. We’ve got some shiny pom poms to decorate ours but you can use anything you like for yours. Choose some different sized pom poms and push them into the washers. Make sure they fit nice and snug so they don’t fall out.
  • Step 3. Making the hanger

    With the help of a grown up, get them to cut a piece of dowel to about 30cm long. Now you need to attach your hanging pieces to the dowel. Twist one end of each hanging piece around the dowel so they hang a different lengths. Do this for all five pieces.
  • Step 4. Adding some string

    Once all your hanging pieces are attached all we need to do is add some string so you can hang it. Cut about 40cms of string and tie it to each end of the dowel.
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