How to make a drink coaster

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Project Overview

In this video, Sophie shows you how to make a colourful drink coaster that is perfect for dinner parties or birthdays. This project is lots of fun and is an easy one for kids to make themselves at home.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Paint the frame
2 Create the pattern
3 Decorate your coaster
4 Reveal your new coaster
  • Step 1. Paint the frame

    First, paint the coaster with your base colour. You can choose any colour you like! Paint it with long strokes for an even finish. Allow it to dry and add an extra coat if needed.

  • Step 2. Create the pattern

    Once your coaster has dried, cut long pieces of painters tape and stick them across the coaster to make a pattern.

  • Step 3. Decorate your coaster

    Now it’s time to finish painting your coaster. Use different coloured paints to paint the different sections made by the tape. Make sure they’re different from your base colour so they stand out more.

  • Step 4. Reveal your new coaster

    Now all you have to do is carefully peel off each strip of tape to reveal your colourful pattern. Doesn’t it look great!

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