Project Overview

In this video, Meagan will show you how to make a colourful book mark. It’s a fun and easy project to make at home and a great way to save your spot in your favourite book Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Twisting the pipe cleaners
2 Making the book mark shape
3 Adding the backing to your book mark
4 Adding the pop stick
5 Finished Product
  • Step 1. Twisting the pipe cleaners

    For the first step we’re going to get two of our favourite coloured pipe cleaners. Holding both of them together, twist them around each other until you get to the end
  • Step 2. Making the book mark shape

    Once you’ve twisted your pipe cleaners together, hold one end of them and start to bend the other end into a spiral. Keep twisting it until you have a tight circle.
  • Step 3. Adding the backing to your book mark

    Now that you have your circle shape, place this on a piece of coloured foam and trace around the circle. Cut this out and stick the pipe cleaners onto the foam circle with some craft glue. This will be the back of our book mark. You can also add a rhinestone to the middle of your book mark for extra decoration.
  • Step 4. Adding the pop stick

    The last step is to add the pop stick. This will be the holder for our book mark. Put a small blob of glue on the end of the pop stick and stick your circle piece on and give it a firm press down to make sure it sticks.
  • Step 5. Finished Product

    And there we have it, a bright and colourful book mark you can use when reading your favourite book.

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