Make your own Christmas decorations

Welcome the festive season with a few easy craft decorations for your home. Here are five we’ll be making this year!

Bunning magazine, Summer 2020

Cardboard Christmas Trees

Tools and materials

1.2m length of 4mm Tasmanian oak dowel

400mm length of 90mm x 12mm pine

Decorative trim (we used Mandala Art mini craft mosaic glass)

Drill and 4mm drill bit


Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Natural jute twine

Paint (we used Taubmans Brilliant White)

Safety equipment


Small paintbrush

Stiff cardboard (we used an old cardboard box)

Tape measure and pencil

1. Cut triangles

Cut the cardboard into triangles with scissors, then use a brush to apply paint on both sides, leaving to dry.

Tip: Our trees are 300mm, 200mm and 150mm high with bases from 100mm wide.

2. Cut and attach dowel

Use a handsaw to cut three lengths of dowel to 400mm, 300mm and 250mm (to fit the height of each triangle and adding 100mm for the stem). Apply hot glue along the dowel the length
of the triangle, press onto the centre and leave to dry.

3. Wrap twine

Starting 10mm above the base of each triangle, hold the end of the twine at the back and wrap it diagonally, working your way up and leaving a small gap at the tip. Secure the ends at the back with hot glue.

4. Decorate

With the glue gun, attach mosaic glass to base and tip. Leave to dry.

5. Drill and fasten base

From the pine, cut bases to match the width of each triangle and drill through the centres with a 4mm bit. Dab hot glue into the holes, push in the matching dowelled triangles and leave to dry standing upright.

Furoshiki wrapping

Make your own Christmas decorations

Tools and materials

1m x 1m of fabric (this will wrap a shoebox)

1. Position the fabric and fold first corner

Place the fabric on a flat surface with the box positioned diagonally at the centre. Fold the closest corner over the box, tucking the tip under to create a straight edge. 

Make your own Christmas decorations

2. Repeat fold with opposite corner

Fold the opposite corner over the box, tucking the tip under. Gather the two edges together and fold flat.

Make your own Christmas decorations

3. Fold remaining corners

Pick up the corners that are left and fold them across the top.

Make your own Christmas decorations

4. Tie and tuck

Knot to secure and tuck any remaining fabric neatly under.

Make your own Christmas decorations

Raffia Star

Make your own Christmas decorations

Tools and materials

1.2m length of 8mm Tasmanian oak dowel


Natural jute twine

Raffia (we used Whites natural raffia)


1. Measure and cut dowel

Cut the dowel into five 150mm lengths with a handsaw.

2. Assemble and secure dowel

Position the dowel pieces to form a five point star. Join the points with twine, knotting securely.

3. Wrap the raffia around the star

Starting at one point, begin wrapping the star thickly in the raffia, always working in the same direction for consistency. To finish, tuck the raffia under the wrapping at the back of the star and trim the excess.

Name Tags

Make your own Christmas decorations

Tools and materials

Air dry clay (we used Boyle air drying clay in White)

Barbecue skewer

Craft knife

Gloss waterbased sealer (we used Mod Podge)

Raffia (we used Whites natural raffia)

Rolling pin


1. Roll out clay

Roll the clay into an even 4mm-thick slab with a rolling pin.

2. Cut clay to name tag shape

To make the tags, use a craft knife to cut 100mm x 40mm rectangles, leaving them to dry for half an hour.

Tip: Letting the clay dry slightly before cutting makes it easier to work with.

3. Engrave name into each tag

On each tag, carve a name with the knife, using a skewer to punch a hole through one end, leaving to dry completely. 

4. Roll beads and punch hole in centre

To make beads, roll a piece of clay into a thin log, flatten it slightly and slice it into 10mm-long pieces, leaving to dry for half an hour. Pierce the centre with a skewer and leave to dry completely.  

5. Seal the clay

Finish the beads and tags with two coats of sealer, leaving to dry thoroughly after each.

6. Assemble all pieces with raffia

Thread a 400mm length of raffia through the holes in the tags, thread both ends through beads and secure with a knot.

Peg Stars

Make your own Christmas decorations

Tools and materials

Clothes pegs (we used Sunfresh wooden clothes pegs)

Craft paint brush (size 20)

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

Paint in two colours (optional; we used Taubmans Peach Cascade and left one star natural)

1. Separate the pegs

Gently ease apart 20 wooden clothes pegs, removing and discarding the metal hinges.

2. Flip over and reattach with glue

Position the peg halves with the backs together and secure with hot glue, making 10 sets, five for each star.

3. Combine the sets of reversed pegs

Dab hot glue onto the top of each set, pressing them together to create a star and leaving to dry.

4. Decorate the star

Use a brush to paint each star in contrasting colours or leave unpainted. Leave to dry.

5. Optional – repeat steps and attach two stars together

To make double stars, dab hot glue onto the centre of one star and position on another star, turning so the points are visible.

Now you’ve got the decorations, start planning the gifts!

Take a look at our Christmas gift guide, you’re sure to find a gift to suit anyone, on any budget.


Photo credit: Brigid Arnott


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