How to make a festive door mat

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How to make a festive door mat

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Project Overview

Create a warm welcome for your guests at Christmas time with this festive door mat. These are really easy to decorate and you can be as creative as you like. Continue to step-by-step instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1 Tape up your mat
2 Paint your tree tops
3 Paint the tree trunks
4 Leave it to dry
  • Step 1. Tape up your mat

    Lay your door mat on a table or workbench and use the masking tape to make different size triangles. Spread them out across the mat in a pattern or randomly.

  • Step 2. Paint your tree tops

    Once your triangles are all taped up, you’re ready to start painting the tree tops. Colour in all your triangles with the green craft paint. When it’s dry, you can peel off the tape. 

  • Step 3. Paint the tree trunks

    Now use the brown paint to create your tree trunks under each tree. You don’t need tape for this, just line them up in the middle of your triangle and paint a square.

  • Step 4. Leave it to dry

    All you need to do now is let the paint dry and there you have it, your very own festive door mat.

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