How to make a dog Santa sack

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How to make a dog Santa sack

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Christmas Ideas How to make a dog Santa sack Has your dog been a very good boy this year? Why not make him his very own doggy Santa sack? It’s super easy and super cute! Here’s how:

Has your dog been a very good boy this year? Why not make him his very own doggy Santa sack? It’s super easy and super cute! Here’s how:

Tools and materials

Sharpie pen




Craft glue

Wooden letters

Red and green spray paint

Dust mask

Latex gloves

Tools and materials needed to create a santa dog sack

1. Draw your pattern

On Christmas morning everyone else gets to wake up to a stocking full of goodies – so why should your furry friend miss out? We’re designing him his very own bone-shaped stocking. First, draw the shape you want on a piece of cardboard, then grab some scissors and cut it out.

Stencilling bone shape onto piece of hessian fabric

2. Cut your hessian

After you’ve made your pattern, get some hessian, fold it in half, and trace around it. Once you’ve done this, use a pair of scissors to cut the shape.

Cutting hessian fabric into bone shape

3. Glue together

Once you’ve got your shape, fold your top piece away from the bottom piece, so when you glue it together, the edges match up. Wear gloves for this bit – craft glue is tacky! Glue around the edges, but leave an opening at one end so you can get your goodies in and out. 

Superposing two bone-shaped pieces of hessian fabric

4. Stick your pieces together

Grab your top piece and adhere it to the bottom piece of hessian. When the glue is first applied it goes on white, but don’t stress – it dries clear. Hessian fabrics have a tendency to fray, so you may want to pop some glue around your top edges to prevent them fraying – use your cardboard again to prevent the top bits from sticking together. Wait for your glue to dry.

Applying glue to the edges of bone-shaped hessian

5. Personalise your Santa sack

We’re making our dog feel special by using wooden letters to spell out his name. We chose festive red and greens in the British Paints Spray Easy range and applied the colours to the letters in long, even strokes about 20cm from the can to the letters. Don’t forget to use a mask if you’re spraying – and make sure you have a drop sheet or newspaper down. Once your letters are dry, you’re ready to glue them onto the front of your stocking – use a piece of cardboard inside the sack to make sure you don’t glue everything together.

Bunnings team member holding finished Christmas dog sack

6. Wait for Santa!

And you’re done! How easy and cute was that? Now all that’s left to do is wait for the big man himself to come visiting on Christmas Eve. It goes without saying that your pet on the ‘Good’ list!


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