How to make a Christmas wreath

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How to make a Christmas wreath

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Project Overview

In this video, Kushan shows you how to make a Christmas wreath. This is a great Christmas holiday project to make at home and will look great hanging on your door!

Holly leaf template Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Cutting out your wreath
2 Painting your wreath
3 Making the decorations
4 Adding the decorations
5 Adding the hanger
6 Finished Product
  • Step 1. Cutting out your wreath

    The first step is to cut out the circle for your wreath. Using you scissors, fold your paper plate in half and cut two little holes in each side. Unfold your plate and then cut out the inside of your plate using the two holes you’ve just made.

  • Step 2. Painting your wreath

    Once you have cut out your wreath, it’s now time to decorate it. Using a sea sponge, dip it into some bright green paint and lightly dab it onto your wreath.

  • Step 3. Making the decorations

    When the paint is dry, trace the holly leaf stencil provided onto a piece of green felt and cut it out. Make two of these.

  • Step 4. Adding the decorations

    Now you can stick your holly leaves onto the bottom of your wreath. You can also add some red pom poms for the berries. We also stuck some red pebbles onto our wreath for extra decoration.

  • Step 5. Adding the hanger

    While the glue is drying, grab a sparkly pipe cleaner and punch a hole through the top of the wreath and feed the pipe cleaner through the hole and twist it off to make a hanger.

  • Step 6. Finished Product

    And there you go, a bright and beautiful wreath to hang on your door at Christmas!

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