How to make a Christmas stocking

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How to make a Christmas stocking

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Project Overview

In this video, Kirrilly shows you how to make a Christmas stocking. This is a great project to make at home and will look great hanging by your tree at Christmas.

Christmas stocking and star template Continue to Step-by-step instructions.

Step by Step Instructions

1 Cutting out your stocking
2 Gluing your stocking
3 Adding a star
4 Making a cut
5 Decorating your stocking
6 Adding the hanger
7 Finished product
  • Step 1. Cutting out your stocking

    The first step is cutting out your stocking shape. Using your scissors, cut out the stocking stencil provided, fold your felt sheet in half along the long side and trace your stocking shape onto the felt. Then, while your felt is still folded, cut the stocking shape out.

  • Step 2. Gluing your stocking

    Now we need to stick your stocking together. Open up your folded stocking and glue around the edges making sure not to glue across the top of the stocking. After you’ve done that, fold the stocking back over and press down so the glue sticks.

  • Step 3. Adding a star

    Using the template provided, trace the star onto another bright piece of felt and cut it out. Stick the star in the middle of your stocking.

  • Step 4. Making a cut

    While the glue is drying, fold the top of your stocking over about one cm and make a little cut on the fold. This will be used later.

  • Step 5. Decorating your stocking

    Now it’s time to decorate! Using some craft glue, put some dots around your stocking and stick down some rhinestones, pom poms or any other decorations you like. Make it nice and bright!

  • Step 6. Adding the hanger

    The final step is to attach a hanger. Using a pipe cleaner, thread one end through the hole we made earlier and then twist the two ends together to make a loop.

  • Step 7. Finished product

    And there you go, a bright and colourful stocking to hang up at Christmas time and fill with some goodies!

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