How to make a Christmas countdown clock

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How to make a Christmas countdown clock

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Project Overview

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is getting closer each day and what better way to countdown to the special day than with your very own Christmas countdown clock. In this video Bronwyn will show you how to make a snowman countdown clock.

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Making your snowman
2 Making the snowman’s features
3 Attaching the features to the face
4 Adding the numbers
5 Painting the hat
6 Giving your snowman some bright cheeks
7 Adding the carrot nose
  • Step 1. Making your snowman

    For the first step we’re going to get our circle placemat and paint it white. Using a medium sized brush, get a big blob of paint and start with long strokes on your placemat. Once your first coat is done you may want to do another to give it a nice even finish.

  • Step 2. Making the snowman’s features

    While the paint is drying we’re going to draw the snowman’s hat and carrot nose on foam. Using a pencil, draw out the two rectangles for the hat and a red stripe to attach. Next, draw a nice big carrot on the orange foam. These can be any size you like! When you have drawn everything, use some scissors to cut the shapes out.

  • Step 3. Attaching the features to the face

    Now we’re going to glue the hat down to the snowman’s face. Put some craft glue on the top piece of the hat first and tick this down. Do the same for the brim of the hat and the red band. Glue the hat to the top of the face to leave enough room for the numbers.

  • Step 4. Adding the numbers

    To make this a true countdown clock we’re going to need to add some numbers. Starting at ‘1’ on the left-hand side of the face, write 1-24 using a permanent marker. Once you get to 24 you can draw some eyes and a mouth to give your snowman a face.

    Handy tip: use a pencil to mark out your numbers first you can correct any mistakes

  • Step 5. Painting the hat

    In this step we’re going to paint the snowman’s hat. Using white paint, write ‘DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS’ on the snowman’s hat. You can paint over your letters to make them stand out more.

  • Step 6. Giving your snowman some bright cheeks

    To make your snowman extra smiley you can add some bright red cheeks. Grab a paintbrush and some red paint and give your snowman some big red cheeks.

  • Step 7. Adding the carrot nose

    The last step is to add your carrot. Using a drawing pin, poke it through the top of your carrot and then poke the pin into the middle of the placemat. Give it a firm press so it stays in

    And there we have it, all you need to do now is hang it up on your wall at home! This is a fun and easy project to make at home and it makes counting the days till Christmas a lot more fun!

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