How to create your own festoon window

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How to create your own festoon window

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Spread the Christmas cheer both inside and out with a festoon window, adorned with fairy lights and festive decorations.

Tools and materials:

3M P2 Particulate Sanding & Fibreglass Valved Respirators - 2 Pack 

Command Mini Clear Adhesive Hooks - 6 Pack

Craftright 12 Piece Carpenters Pencil With Sharpener 

Dulux 300g Duramax Diamond Finish Spray Paint - Silver 

Dulux 325g Duramax Metallic Spray Paint - Metallic Silver 

EyeShields Safety Glasses 

HPM 10 Amp 4 Outlet Surge Protected Powerboard 

Lytworx 38cm White LED 2D Star Light 

Lytworx 100 LED Warm White Low Voltage Connectable Frosted Cone Lights 

Lytworx 100 White LED 2 Function Solar Fairy Lights 

Boyle 915 x 75 x 1mm Balsa Wood Sheet x 10 packs

Morgan Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - 20 Pack 

Monarch 1.5 x 1.5m Canvas Drop Sheet 

Rust-Oleum 340g Ultra Cover 2X Satin Spray Paint - Blossom White 

Scotch 2.5cm x 1.5m Extreme Double Sided Mounting Tape 

Simple Green 750ml Glass Cleaner (if not available any glass / window cleaner would be great please). 

Stanley Titan Super Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Knife with Holster 

festoon window

Sometimes, the smallest of changes can make a huge difference to the look and feel of living spaces it’s no different when it comes to the festive season! A festoon window is the perfect way to introduce some Christmas cheer to any space, get your creative juices flowing and transform how the room feels.

Traditionally, a festoon is a decorated wreath, or chain of flowers/ribbons that hang from two points in a loop shape. Therefore, a festoon window is generally a window display that features some sort of hanging decorative chain. Over Easter, this could be made up of Easter eggs or bunny footprints, while over spring, you could include a wreath of beautiful flowers.

As we’re creating a festoon window for Christmas, we’re going to feature fairy lights and some traditional Christmas shapes. However, you can include anything you like! From paper snowflake chains to Santa hats, the decoration ideas are endless!

1. Choose your window

The first step is to choose a window in your house that is yearning for that sparkle. Ideally, it would be outward-facing so that your display can be admired from both the inside and outside of your home.

2. Decorate the surroundings

Start by decorating the bottom of your window. We’re going to start with some wooden Christmas trees, made out of balsa wood. Decide how many trees you’d like to include and lay out the appropriate number of wood sheets. Outline a tree shape on each one and then cut out using a box cutter.

festoon window

3. Protect your workspace

Next, lay out a canvas drop sheet to protect your work area. Put on your rubber gloves and safety glasses.

festoon window

4. Paint your balsa trees

Place the balsa wood on the drop sheet and spray with your choice of spray paint. We’ve used metallic silver, but you can use whatever you like! Once you’ve sprayed one side, leave it to dry.

When one side is touch-dry, flip the board and spray the other side. Leave to dry. Repeat until you have painted all your trees. Then place your trees at the bottom of your window sticking on with double sided tape.

festoon window

5. Place the hooks

It’s time to create the frame for your festoon. Place an adhesive hook on either side of the window frame, towards the very top. Depending on the instructions and the surface of your window frame, you may need to leave the hooks for an hour or so to truly secure.

festoon window

6. Hook your fairy lights

Once the hooks are secure, take one end of your fairy lights and wrap it around one hook. Then, begin to drape your hooks from side to side, attaching it to either hook and allowing the lines of fairy lights to droop lower and lower. Once you’ve reached the end of each pack, wrap them around one of the hooks to keep them in place. Repeat with the remaining packs of lights for a truly festive effect!

If you’d like to make it a more family-friendly DIY project, ask the kids to start creating their own decorations out of paper. They can cut out shapes and colour them in, ready to be placed underneath the festoon. You can also add tinsel and other existing decorations to really brighten up the display.

festoon window

7. Turn it on!

Once you’ve finished your decorations, it’s time for the finishing touch! Plug the power board into a powerpoint, and each fairy light plug into the power board. You’ll see your D.I.Y. festoon window come to life!

Best of all, you don’t need to take your festoon down when January comes around. Simply replace the Christmas decorations at the bottom of your window with some seasonal ornaments, or a flower display. You can change your display throughout the seasons, or dress it up for special celebrations throughout the year.

If you do choose to take your festoon window, don’t forget to store your fairy lights correctly so that they don’t tangle and leave you with a mess in a year. We love wrapping ours around an empty toilet roll, or a coat hanger, before being packed away for the next project.

festoon window

Make your own

Find all your materials for your festoon window in our craft section. Explore what’s on offer. 


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