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Prepare For Christmas

Christmas can be a busy time of year, especially if everyone’s coming to celebrate at your place.

Between buying all the presents, sorting out the food and putting up decorations, it's easy to forget some of the simple things you and your guests are going to need. Here's a handy checklist to help you get all set up for the big day.

Christmas Celebration Checklist:

  1. Clean up early
  2. Batteries for toys
  3. Test your festive lights
  4. Extension cords
  5. Solar path lights
  6. Extra globes
  7. Clean the BBQ
  8. Fill your gas bottle
  9. Folding chairs and tables
  10. Citronella candles and bug zappers
all-you-really-need-for-christmas-clean-SH1 all-you-really-need-for-christmas-clean-SH1

Clean up early

You'll want to make sure everything looks its best when your guests arrive. A good whip around the house a week or two before Christmas can save you a lot of hassle. Think about getting a head start on the big cleaning jobs and tidy up areas you don’t use as much first. That way you can focus on cleaning a smaller area closer to the day.

all-you-really-need-for-christmas-batt-SH2 all-you-really-need-for-christmas-batt-SH2

Pick up spare batteries

When it comes to unwrapping the Christmas presents, there's a good chance some of the kids' new toys will need batteries. You can avoid any tears by keeping a few packs of AA and AAA batteries at the ready.

all-you-really-need-for-christmas-lights-SH3 all-you-really-need-for-christmas-lights-SH3

Test your lights

Before you hang up the festive lights, make sure you test them first as globes may have been damaged in storage. You may need to pick up a few extension cords to spread the lights around your garden. You can also stock up on spare light globes for around the house, just in case. And if your celebrations continue into the night, it's worth putting in solar lights to highlight your garden and pathways. Check out our article on outdoor lighting ideas.

all-you-really-need-for-christmas-BBQ-SH4 all-you-really-need-for-christmas-BBQ-SH4

Get the BBQ ready

Christmas in the backyard has become an Aussie tradition. If you plan on cooking up a Christmas feast outdoors, remember to give your BBQ a good clean a week before and make sure you have enough gas in the bottle. Check out our handy videos on BBQ maintenance and gas bottle safety.

all-you-really-need-for-christmas-extras-SH5 all-you-really-need-for-christmas-extras-SH5

Extras for your outdoors

When it comes to setting up the Christmas table outdoors, a few extra chairs and folding tables can really come in handy. Make sure all your guests are comfortable during the day with portable umbrellas or gazebos and pick up a few coolers for food and drinks. It's also a good idea to have plenty of citronella candles or a bug zapper to keep unwanted visitors away.

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