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Santa bag with Christmas decorations around it


Create a festive table setting your family and friends are sure to remember, with four easy D.I.Y. projects shared by Mandy Drent: decorative string baubles, a hessian tablecloth, light-up wreath and a fun Santa sack.


1Create string baubles

These string baubles are perfect for decorating your table area. Start by inflating a balloon to approximately 20cm diameter, depending on how big you want your bauble. Cut long strips of string that will easily wrap around your balloon and cover the strings in PVA glue. Wind the glue-covered strips of string around your balloon, leaving some gaps between each strip of string. Set aside and wait until all the string is dry. 

Once dry, pop your balloon and pull it out of the bauble. Cut a piece of jute webbing approximately 15cm long and tie it into a bow. Glue the bow to the top of your bauble. (If you wish to hang your bauble, cut a piece of string to the desired length and tie it to the bow.)

Insert fairy lights into the bauble, threading them through the gaps for a bright and sparkly look.

A hessian Christmas bauble

2Make a D.I.Y. hessian tablecloth or table runner

Roll out the pre-packed natural hessian onto your table and cut it to fit the table size (either as a tablecloth or a table runner). Fray the edges of the tablecloth or table runner by pulling apart some of the threads until you achieve the desired look.

A hessian tablecloth on a Table

3Construct a light-up wreath

Cut your clear vinyl tubing to the desired size of the wreath you want. (We used 40cm of tubing.) Cut a separate 10cm length of tubing, and cut this piece in half lengthways. Still working on the 10cm piece, cut off 1cm of tubing lengthways. Insert one end of your 10cm tubing into one end of your 40cm piece of tubing.

Next, cut a piece of the white hobby wire the same length as your 40cm tubing. Wrap fairy lights around the wire, spacing them evenly as you go. Thread the fairy light wire through your 40cm piece of tubing. Insert the other end of your 10cm tubing into the other end of your 40cm piece of tubing to close the wreath and create a circle, leaving the fairy light cord outside the end of the tubing.

Cut a 20cm piece of jute webbing and tie it into a bow. Tie the jute bow to the wreath with a piece of string and add some greenery to decorate your wreath.

Christmas wreaths hanging from a ceiling

4Make a sack for Santa

Gather some old rags, towels or pillows and stuff them into a hessian garden bag. Cut a piece of jute webbing to a 30cm length and tie it around the top of the garden bag into a bow. Decorate with greenery.

5Want to make a Christmas teepee

Take a look at our easy step-by-step guide on how to create a Christmas teepee.

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