How to hang a shelf on the wall

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How to hang a shelf on the wall

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You can never have too much storage! Shelf space is a great way to store things out of the way in your laundry, kitchen, bedroom or home office. They’re easy to build and look great when matched to your décor and furnishings. Create a design focal point for your room AND store all your gear.

Tools and materials

4mm 8g countersunk timber screws

12mm and 3mm drill bits

13mm wall anchors (x 3)

40mm 10g chipboard screws

150mm x 200mm x 25mm 90-degree brackets (x2)

600mm x 100mm x 30mm plywood

Black spray paint

Cordless drill

Dust mask

Ear muffs

Measuring tape

Phillips head screwdriver

Spirit level

Stud finder

tools and materials

1. Locate the studs in your wall

Before you hang your shelf work out where you’d like it to go and check to see whether there are any wall studs – these are the parts of the wall you can drill straight into. Use a stud finder to locate them – these nifty contraptions will beep when you locate one. If you don’t have a stud near the spot you want to hang your shelf, no worries. You can use a wallmate – more on that later.

How to hang a shelf on the wall

2. Mark where you want the shelf to go

Get as creative as you like with your shelf. We’re using a piece of timber from our local Bunnings, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a piece of driftwood you found at the beach, or an old re-purposed piece of recycled timber. Hold the shelf where you would like it to go, and mark the height with a pencil – this is where you’ll screw in your brackets. Use a spirit level to make sure everything is straight.

How to hang a shelf on the wall

3. Mark your screw points

Grab your shelf brackets, place them up against the wall, and mark where your screws will go. Then get your power drill and drill directly into the stud (if there’s one where you’re hanging), or grab a nifty wallmate and pop this into your plaster – this will protect your wall and allow you to screw through your bracket to the wall. Drill pilot holes for your wallmate first.

How to hang a shelf on the wall

4. Screw your bracket in

Our first bracket is going straight into the wall, but we’re screwing the second one into the plaster using wallmates we drilled in through our pilot holes. Once these are in, you can grab your bracket and drill directly into the wallmate. When using your drill, don’t forget to use safety glasses.

How to hang a shelf on the wall

5. Hang and secure your shelf

Once your mounting brackets are secured into the wall, grab your piece of wood and make sure it’s central to the brackets. Then, locate your screws and use your drill to secure them into the wood from the bottom of the brackets. 

How to hang a shelf on the wall

6. Shelf-tastic!

With two brackets, some screws and a piece of wood we’ve created a beautiful shelf to display or store keepsakes. How easy was that? You are now an official D.I.Y. hero!

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