How to install a rotary clothesline

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How to install a rotary clothesline

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Project Overview

Find out how to install a clothesline properly so that stands strong and straight in the ground. We’ll show you how to concrete the pole into the ground. And a simple way to keep the pole straight while the concrete dries.  
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Step by Step Instructions

1 Dig a hole for the rotary clothesline
2 Set the level of the sleeve for the rotary clothesline in the ground
3 Hammer pickets into the ground to support the rotary clothesline pole
4 Install and straighten the pole for the rotary clothesline
5 Concrete the pole for the rotary clothesline
6 Install the top of the rotary clothesline
  • Step 1. Dig a hole for the rotary clothesline

    Choose a spot to install your clothesline.  You’ll need an area with at least a six-metre diameter. Then dig a hole in the centre for the pole. Your instructions will tell you how deep it needs to be – in our case it is 250mm wide and 650mm deep.
  • Step 2. Set the level of the sleeve for the rotary clothesline in the ground

    Fill the bottom of the hole with approx. 200mm of builders screenings. Then push the pole sleeve about 100mm into the screenings. Make sure that the top of the sleeve is at ground level. In our case, it is sitting a little low, so we add a bit more screening to top up the hole. Once the sleeve is in place, tip in a few more handfuls of screening for extra support.
  • Step 3. Hammer pickets into the ground to support the rotary clothesline pole

    Starting a metre out from the hole, hammer in three star pickets about 300mm the ground, equal distances apart. These will help support the clothesline post while the concrete sets. When you hammer them in, angle them away from the hole to give them added strength.
  • Step 4. Install and straighten the pole for the rotary clothesline

    Remove the cap from the sleeve and slide the pole in. Then tie ropes around the middle of the pole and loosely secure them to the three star pickets. Now adjust and tighten the ropes using your spirit level to make sure the pole stands perfectly straight.
  • Step 5. Concrete the pole for the rotary clothesline

    Wet down the hole with a hose. Now fill the hole with quick-dry concrete mix and use the hose to soak the mix thoroughly. While the concrete is still wet, double check that your pole is standing straight and make any final adjustments. Then leave the concrete to set.
  • Step 6. Install the top of the rotary clothesline

    Once the concrete is set, untie the ropes and pull the star pickets out of the ground. Then lift up the top of the clothesline and slide it into the pole. To finish off, follow the instructions to release the arms, fold them out into a horizontal position and lock them in place.
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