How to make underbed storage

Having storage under your bed is a smart way to make the most of your space. Whether it’s for a kid’s or parents bedroom, this D.I.Y. underbed storage design is perfect for keeping things stored out of sight.

What you'll need




Step 1: Base

Start by screwing in the two sides into your MDF base. Allow for roughly 4 screws per side, starting in the corner and spacing each screw 12cm apart. Then screw in your front and back pieces to the base.

Step 2: Sides

Next you can hammer each of the sides together to secure them in place. Start by nailing in the top corner and reinforce with a second nail just below it.

Step 3: Wheels

Position your wheels in each corner of your base. Then screw them in place.

Step 4: Handles

Position your handle on one of the long sides of your box. This will depend on the style of handle you choose. Mark it then and pre-drill the holes for your screws. Leave the handle off while you paint.

Step 5: Paint

You should be able to paint this size storage box using a sample pot of paint. Make sure you apply two coats of paint for a better finish. Once your paint is dry you can attach the handle.
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