How to clean windows

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How to clean windows

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Project Overview

Cleaning your windows regularly is an easy way to keep your home looking and feeling fresh. Plus, when you use the right cleaning products and accessories you’ll get a better result every time. This video shows you some clever tips to make cleaning windows even easier. Continue to step-by-step instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1 Brush the window down
2 Wash the window
3 Squeegee the window dry
  • Step 1. Brush the window down

    Give the window a quick dust down with a cobweb brush to remove all the loose spider webs and build up of dirt and grime. Start at the top of the window and work your way down. This way you can avoid sweeping any mess onto an area you’ve already cleaned. Then use your dust brush to clean off the windowsill.
  • Step 2. Wash the window

    Fill your bucket with water and add a bit of detergent. Then wet your microfibre window washer and start scrubbing the window. Always start at the top and work down so that dirty water doesn’t drip onto areas you have already cleaned. Generally, water and detergent works fine, but if you’ve got some more stubborn stains you might like to use a glass cleaner. For really stuck-on grime, add a capful of methylated spirits to your water instead.
  • Step 3. Squeegee the window dry

    For a cleaner finish, first wet the blade of your squeegee. Then wipe the water off the window, working from top to bottom. You can stop streaks from appearing by cleaning the squeegee blade with a rag between strokes. Now give the windowsill a quick wipe with your rag to clean off the last of the grime.

Tools and Materials


  • Bucket
  • Cobweb brush
  • Dust brush
  • Extension pole
  • Microfibre window washer
  • Squeegee


  • Detergent
  • Glass cleaner
  • Rag
  • Rubber gloves
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