Project Overview

Cutting tiles properly is one of the basic skills you need to learn if you want to do your own tiling. We show you how to cut straight lines and notches in your tiles. You will also learn the right way to use tools like a tile cutter and an angle grinder to get the job done.
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Step by Step Instructions

1 Make a straight cut in a tile
2 Cut a notch out of a tile
  • Step 1. Make a straight cut in a tile

    The tile cutter is a great tool for making straight cuts across a whole tile. Measure and mark up the front of your tile. Put the tile into the tile cutter and line the cutting mark up with the blade. Run the blade across the ceramic surface to score a line in the tile. The scored surface then requires a simple nudge from the tile cutter to split it neatly in two. Do this by pressing down on the handle.
  • Step 2. Cut a notch out of a tile

    A tile-cutting blade on an angle grinder is a quick way to take a notch out of a tile. Measure and mark up the notch you want to remove. Then clamp your tile securely onto a firm surface like a sawhorse. Use your angle grinder to cut in from the edges of the tile to remove the notch.
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