How to upcycle a bedside table with wallpaper

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How to upcycle a bedside table with wallpaper

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Give your unwanted bedside table a new lease of life with a lick of paint, new handles and some stylish wallpaper. It’s super easy – here’s how.

Tools and materials:

Bedside table


Drill bit set with phillips head

Eye protection



Hand Protection


Paint roller and tray

Painter’s tape




Tape measure

Utility knife


Wood Glue

1. Find yourself an old bedside table

Old bedside tables are easy to find on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree. Once you’ve found one, give it a spruce up by sanding back and applying two coats of white paint. If you’d like to find out more about how to upcycle a table with paint, check out our How To video.

2. Remove drawers

Before you do anything else, take out all your drawers, and use a screwdriver to remove all the old handles. Make sure your drawers are clean and dust free – you’ll want a nice, clean surface to work with.

put joins together

3. Cut your wallpaper

Grab your roll of wallpaper and cut off enough to cover the entire front of your drawers. 

kids bedroom draws

4. Apply wood glue

Pour your wood glue into a paint tray, ready for application. Use a roller and roll the glue all over the front of your drawers. A word of warning – make sure you roll your glue ONLY where you want your paper to stick.

kids bedroom draws

5. Stick down the wallpaper

Press your wallpaper against the sticky surface of your drawer. Make sure it’s nice and straight before you do this – once it’s on, that wallpaper ain’t going anywhere! Once everything’s stuck down use a float to smooth it out, making sure there are no air bubbles beneath. Turn your drawer upside down and allow your glue to dry for one hour.

kids bedroom draws

6. Cut your wallpaper to fit

Once the glue is dry, grab a stanley knife to cut your wallpaper to the perimeters of the front of your drawer – you may like to use a ruler for this bit to make sure you cut it all nice and straight. And remember your safety gloves.

kids bedroom draws

7. Attach your new drawer handles

Use a tape measure to find the centre of the drawer, then mark up that point with a pencil. Find the centre of your drawer handle and position either side of your marking, then mark again where the screws will go. Once you’d done this, grab your drill and drill two pilot holes (use a drill bit that is a similar size to your new handles’ screws), then use a screwdriver or phillips head drill bit to tighten. Repeat this process for each drawer – and you’re done!

kids bedroom draws

8. And now, we rest

How easy was that? You’ve now got an updated, stylish addition to your bedroom – and you haven’t broken the bank. Winning!

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