How To Secure Your Home

Project Overview

Concerned about the high rate of burglaries being committed and that your house isn’t secure enough to deter intruders? If so, check out our security tips and visit your local Bunnings store to choose from our wide range of security products that can be easily installed to secure your home.

Consider the following:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
  • Install deadlocks on all external doors.
  • Change locks or cylinders when you move into a new home.
  • Never give keys to a workman.
  • Install key operated window locks.
  • Have good exterior lighting under eaves.
  • Don't leave tools in unlocked tool shed - padlock it.
  • Photograph your paintings, antiques and other valuables.
  • Don't let unauthorised people in.
  • Make a note of the serial number of all your appliances.
  • Have valuables engraved with your driver's licence number.
  • Don't put identification on a key ring.
  • Never leave notes on your door. 
  • Install a door viewer to check unexpected visitors.
  • Step by Step Instructions

    1 Deadlatch with door frame strengthener
    2 Top security
    3 Door frame strengthener
    4 Padlocks
    5 Deadbolt
    6 Deadlocks
    7 Security screen door lock
    8 Digital locks
    9 Patio door bolt
    10 Push button keyed window lock
    11 Security window lock
    12 Security window winder
    13 Security you can trust
    14 Thru flyscreen window lock
    15 Hints and tips
    • Step 1. Deadlatch with door frame strengthener

      The deadlatch has a tough metal case and concealed fixings at 6 points.
    • Step 2. Top security

      The deadlatch is simple enough to install yourself. It covers most existing night latch outlines, so there's no need for paintwork retouching. Available in twin pack, keyed-alike. One key fits both locks for front and back doors.
    • Step 3. Door frame strengthener

      The deadlatch has a door frame strengthener that has extra long mounting screws that dig deeper into your door frame.
    • Step 4. Padlocks

      Padlocks come in a range of sizes and strengths and security levels. When purchasing a padlock, be sure it is fit for its purpose. Consider where the padlock will be used and the optimal size for security and practicality.
      Choose a padlock with an appropriate corrosive rating for its purpose. For convenience, have the padlock keyed to the rest of your house, ie: for backyard gates and garage doors.
    • Step 5. Deadbolt

      The deadbolt's heavy duty construction is an ideal second lock to the door particularly for use with 'key in the knob' type locks that provide inadequate protection on their own. The deadbolt features positive deadlocking, plus double cylinders so it can't be opened, even from the inside, without a key.
    • Step 6. Deadlocks

      Attractive, surface mounted top security deadlocks, ideal for most sliding and hinged doors in either the home or the work place. Features include:
      Lockable turn knob with clutching device.
      Turn knob interlocked within the case to resist hammer attack.
      Steel bolt and steel strike to resist cutting and attack.
    • Step 7. Security screen door lock

      Double cylinder for extra security coupled with the convenience of lever handle operation both sides. Can be keyed alike to the same key combination as other door locks.
    • Step 8. Digital locks

      No need to fumble any more for the right key. Keyless entry with your own selected code.
    • Step 9. Patio door bolt

      Ideal for most sliding aluminium and timber patio doors. Also suits hinged doors. This patio lock can be keyed to the same combination as other front and back door locks.
    • Step 10. Push button keyed window lock

      Suits most sliding aluminium windows and is easy to install for face or side mounting.
    • Step 11. Security window lock

      Fits most timber-framed windows and some steel-framed windows.
    • Step 12. Security window winder

      Suits most timber and aluminium awning windows.
    • Step 13. Security you can trust

      Deadlatch with door frame strengthener. The deadlatch has a tough metal case and concealed fixings at 6 points.
    • Step 14. Thru flyscreen window lock

      Locks timber awning windows with or without flyscreens.
    • Step 15. Hints and tips

      Don't make it easy for robbers. Light your house up with movement activated lights above entrance doors, in the carport and along pathways. If you're away:

      • Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the house
      • Lock the house, garage and shed
      • Don't leave ladders and tools lying around.
      • Cancel papers.
      • Don't leave notes on the door.
      • Hang some washing on the line to give a lived in look.
      • Re-direct mail and ask a neighbour to clear the box of circulars, leaflets, etc.
      • Advise local police if you will be away for any length of time.
      • If possible have a friend or neighbour park in your driveway.
      • Make sure that the lawn does not become overgrown.
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