How to add simple home automation to your house

Imagine being able to set your coffee machine to start when your alarm goes off, save money by monitoring how much energy each appliance is using or check that your home is safe and sound when you’re not there. With home automation all this and more is possible.

Will it work in my home?

With Wi-Fi, a smartphone and a Wi-Fi enabled product that plugs into existing electrical outlets, any home can be automated. Then, through a free app downloaded to your smartphone, you can control anything these products are connected to such as appliances, lights or a home security camera.

How do I get started?

The simplest way to get started is via devices like the WeMo Switch. It plugs into a standard electrical outlet and any appliance connected to it instantly becomes automated. You can switch it on, off or program it to a schedule from anywhere. Turn the slow cooker on while you’re at work so dinner is ready when you get home or program it to make sure the iron is turned off in case you forget. You can also add a motion sensor, turning an appliance on or off when motion is detected up to three metres away. So you could connect it to a lamp near your front door so you won’t be in the dark when you get home.

Light up your life

With the WeMo LED Lighting Starter Kit and Smart Light Bulbs you can program up to 50 bayonet or Edison screw light fittings to turn on, off or dim to suit your mood or desired schedule. Turn the lights down when you’re watching a movie or increase security by programming numerous lights to turn on and off while you’re away. Light fittings like halogen or LED downlights can also be controlled via the WeMo Light Switch.

home automation

Increase security

The WeMo Netcam HD allows you to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Save live video and digital audio to your device, even when there’s no light.

Save money

With the WeMo Insight Switch, you can monitor the energy consumption of the device it’s connected to, saving money on your electricity bills. Program your clothes dryer to turn on during off-peak periods or work out exactly how much energy your electric heater is using.

Automate your home

For more great ways to make your life easier, check out our full home automation range.
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