Freshen up your indoors for Christmas

If you’re entertaining family and friends over Christmas then no doubt you’ll want your home looking neat and tidy. Before the rush begins, you can get those jobs done now, and spend less time working and more time celebrating this festive season.

Easy ways to clean

Giving your place a quick clean before Christmas means it will be looking its best when your friends and family arrive. We’ll show you the easiest way to clean your walls, carpet and windows so they come up like new.

feature wall

Create a feature wall

Creating a feature wall can be a great way to add some personality to a specific part of your home. Add a splash of colour by painting or add some pattern and texture using the latest wallpapers. Our handy guide to painting walls will help you do the job right.

patching hole in wall

Patch up holes and cracks

Over time, it’s inevitable that holes and cracks are will appear in your plaster. Rather than spending money on a professional, you can do this job easily and cost-effectively by following our simple guide to patching plaster.

hoop shelf for bathroom

Add some shelves

If you need some extra storage space, or just want somewhere to display your Christmas ornaments, a floating shelf is a great addition to any living area or kitchen. If your bathroom is a little tight for space, a hoop shelf is a stylish way to add some storage and because it’s on the wall, it’s out of the way.

indoor wire plant stand

Bring the outdoors in

Adding some greenery to your indoors provides a nice splash of colour and a real connection to nature. A wire vertical garden can also become a focal point or transform an empty space in your kitchen or living area.

wooden cheeseboard

Make your own wooden cheese board

Here’s a little project that’s sure to impress your family and friends this Christmas. Serve up your pre-dinner nibbles on this stylish and easy-to-make wooden cheese board. Or give it to someone as a unique gift, they won’t believe you made it yourself!

Find some inspiration for your home

Check out our D.I.Y. Advice for more great indoor ideas to brighten your home this Christmas.

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